2009 - Elkan and Face the Monster was founded by leadsinger Mikael Elkan in 2009. From ´09 to ´12 Mikael tried to form a regular band but since it took too much time because of the constant change in the band members, Mikael decided to stop and do everything himself.

2012  - Mikael gave himself the challenge to write 40 songs in a year. He wrote 42 in 2013. 8 was selected for recording at the studio together with producer Henrik West at Medley Studios. 6 was chosen for the first EP. The EP was recorded and produced in 6 days at the Medley Studio (CPH). The band rehearsed for a week straight before recording and then recorded everything i just 4 days finishing up in the last 2 days and ended up with 5 songs.

2014 - The first EP was released from the independent record label Bproud in 09/2014 was titled “Come Closer”

2015 - The band played several venues

2017 - New band member Anders Kirkegaard

2018 - Single Okay released

2018 - Single I Am Your Man released

Come Closer (EP)

Released: 2014/09

She’s Alone
Burn My Letters
Kerosine Girl
Love & Fear
Craving Dave

Come Closer Crew (2014+15)
Guitar: HC Frank
Bass: Kim Holm Nielsen
Keys: Magnus Snorre Engelbrechtsen
Drums: Jacob Davidsen
Vocal, Guitar: Mikael Elkan
Choir: Maya Overbye Herulf, Christina Nielsen, Liselotte Ørum, Katrine Nielsen.
Produced by Henrik West
Mastered by Lowland Masters (UK)
Recorded at Medley Studio, Copenhagen

ElkanMusic EP 2015

Come Closer EP 2015

Okay (single)

Released: 2018

First single after the EP released in March 2017 called “Okay” from independent label Bproud.

Okay crew was:

Guitar: Jonas Krag
Bass: Torbjörn Appelh
Drums: Jens-Peter Brodersen
Horns: Asbjørn and friends
Vocal, Choir: Mikael Elkan
Keys: Jens-Peter Brodersen
Arranged and produced by Jens-Peter Brodersen
Mix by TurboLentz (DK)
Mastered by Lowland Master (UK)

I Am Your Man (single)

Released: 2018

I Am Your Man Crew

Guitar: Jonas Krag
Rhythm guitar: Mikael Elkan
Vocal: Mikael Elkan
Choir: Mikael Elkan
Bass: Torbjörn Appehl
Keys: Jens-Peter Brodersen
Drums: Jens-Peter Brodersen
Horns: Jens-Peter Brodersen
Congas: Jens-Peter Brodersen
Percussion: Jens-Peter Brodersen

Producer: Jens-Peter Brodersen
Mix: K Mix and Master
Master: Lowland Masters and K Mix and Master

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