& Face the Monster

Rock your monsters



Don’t you feel the hunger 

Why are you not stronger – than this

Don’t you hold the knife wrong 

You will hurt yourself tonight – like this

Now your legs are broke

And your hands are tied  

But you know I got

Strong hands
Strong hands


“…how does the music sound? Great and full of soul is the short answer. It is light and easy to listen to…”
– FindFun4free.com

“…delivered by a rock solid male vocal and in many ways it is hard to dislike…”
– Gaffa Magazine

“The EP is delicious with many great harmonic songs”
– Musikblogger.dk 

First EP passed 30.000 plays on Spotify

Latest Albums

- Love and the Human Remains

ElkanMusic EP 2015

- Come Closer

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3lKAN performs acoustic solo or acoustic with band. Electric with band – his 5 man orchestra or 5+ with choir and horn section. Prices are accordingly.