The people
The band
The music

Music gets you out of that darkness and into the light and life of movement, enjoyment and energy, and music is what I wish to share. The happiness, the compassion of rock for all people.


Looking forward to see you out there 

/ Mikael 

Live people

Lead Vocal – Mikael Elkan 

Guitar – Anders Kirkegaard (Gulddreng, Clara…) / Mikael Elkan

Bass – Casper Bak Poulsen (Jacob Sveistrup, BacktToBack…)

Keys – Magnus Snorre (Scarlett Pleasure, Alexander Oscar…)

Drums – Christian Tesdorph (The Consolation…) 

Choir – Miriam Gardner (vinder af All Together Now, 2019)

Recording people

Songwriting – Mikael Elkan

Vocals – Mikael Elkan

Keys – Mikael Elkan / Magnus Snorre Eidenert Engelbrechtsen

Horns – Mikael Elkan / Asbjørn Kamban+

Drums – Jens Peter Brodersen

Guitar – Jonas Krag

Bass – Torbjörn Appehl

Producer – K Mix and Master / TurboLentz / Mikael Elkan

Mastering – Lowland by Nigel Palmer (UK) 

Rockgraphy in pictures

Rock since 1988

My story
In 1987 an uncle to a friend of mine brought a cassette tape from USA. The first song was Eruption. This was so different from the 80’s emo pop – it took me by storm. I guess we all have those moments. I started saving for a guitar and in 1988 (as I remember it). I bought a dark red Yamaha with a humbucker, a volume knob a small amp and a distortion pedal, that was loud as hell. Only once since then have I tried to stop playing music, but I failed. That was in 2008-2011. Then I decided to write 40 songs, choose the best and make my first EP. That was in 2012. In 2013/2014 I recorded my first EP at Medley Studios in Copenhagen. We had 4 days and 7 songs to choose from. We ended up with 5 songs. I then released 3 singles and a new EP. Today I have more than a 100 drafts for new songs. I will never get to finish them all. 

Rock on

"F*ck normal, I want magic"

Britney Spears