New single 2020: Love Makes You...

New single 2020!

New single 2020: Love Makes You...

New single 2020: Love Makes You…

I am proud and happy to announce that the next single Love Makes You… is in the last stage of recording and is ready to release in Q1 2020.

All music is recorded and performed by some of greatest musicians. I can’t wait to release it.

A lot of new things are planned for 2020. I hope to realize it all.

/ Elkan

Getting ready for next EP

Thank you for backing up my project with FTM. I am now 1 song short of an EP and then I can get the band back together. Music never sleeps!

Ready for EP and recording are:

  • I Am Your Man
  • Mother, Mother
  • Catch the Flame
  • White Tiger
  • ?

Last time I took 8 songs to the studio out of 42 so lets see what comes out of the box once we are done…

And what does it take to make music? The answer is: time and money. A lot of both 😉